IG – Lisboa / DOC – Encostas d´Aire, DOC – Óbidos, DOC – Alenquer, DOC – Arruda, DOC – Torres Vedras, DOC – Lourinhã, DOC – Bucelas, DOC – Carcavelos and DOC – Colares.

Beyond being the country’s capital city, Lisbon is also one of the Portuguese wine regions. Stretching itself along the shores of the Atlantic up to 150km north, it crosses multiple towns which are known for their quality winemaking. 

Wine Tourism

Lisbon has a very special wine route: Colares, Bucelas and Carcavelos. The vines in Colares are unique as they are planted in sandy soils by the sea; a feature which is then reflected in the saline taste of its wines. Carcavelos is the country’s smallest sub-region, only 12 hectares (about 30 acres) of planted grapevines, home to one of the 4 fortified wines of Portugal. As for Bucelas, it is famous for its Arinto white grape variety, very much appreciated by great names in literature such as William Shakespeare and the Portuguese writer Eça de Queiroz.

From the fine whites of Torres Vedras to the clear spirits from Lourinhã and cherry liqueur in Óbidos, make sure you stop by the several restaurants in the region and don’t miss the traditional Portuguese stew or fresh seafood dishes.

Cities to visit: Lisbon, Sintra, Óbidos, and Leiria

Main grape varieties

Main white varieties: Arinto and Fernão Pires

Main red varieties: Castelão, Tinta-Miúda, 

Due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Montejunto mountain range, the wines of the Lisbon region are known for their freshness, minerality, and having the presence of lots of fruit.

Arinto is one of the most emblematic varieties with an excellent acidity and aging potential. Castelão can have several forms, from the full-bodied to a delicate red, but always very aromatic.

The Lisbon region is very varied. Between the fado in the Lisbon neighborhoods and the paths which lead to vineyards, there is a lot to taste!

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Quinta San Michel
Quinta San Michel
Quinta de San Michel was born from the Camilo family's dream to put the village of Janas back on Portugal's wine map, rescuing ancient grape varieties from the Colares region, against the backdrop of the Sintra mountains and the Pena Palace.
Quinta da Boa Esperança
Located in the west of Portugal next to the slopes of the Serra de Monte Junto, Quinta da Boa Esperança has been producing wine for over 100 years and its entire project is based on sustainability.
Quinta do Gradil
Quinta do Gradil
An estate with a long history of wine-making since the 15th century and is one of the oldest in Cadaval where international award-winning wines are produced.
Quinta da Folgorosa
A centenary wine estate, where some of the French invasions took place which is being reconverted to more sustainable and organic practices, to preserve nature and provide more authentic wines.
Quinta do Boição & Caves Velhas
Quinta do Boição is located in the famous Demarcated Region of Bucelas, where visitors can find vines mostly from the Arinto grape variety over 50 years old.
ManzWine, created by a Brazilian business and sports man, André Manz, keeps history alive and revives the forgotten and practically extinct grape variety Jampal, to provide high quality delicate wines.
Quinta das Cerejeiras
This is the beautiful house in the centre of Bombarral where the founder of the Companhia Agrícola do Sanguinhal lived as well as a chapel and beautiful museum with old winery objects and machines.
Viúva Gomes
Viúva Gomes
The Viúva Gomes winery produces unique wines grown in sandy soils which are typical of the Colares region.
About an hour from Lisbon, Cas'Amaro is an innovative projecting bringing together art, wine, architecture, and nature in a harmonious way. Experience the more traditional wines to the more innovative and some organic wines.
Quinta do Sanguinhal
This family estate produces the most prestigious DOC wines in the Demarcated Region of Óbidos and has some interesting old ageing cellars as well as one of largest old pressing rooms of the Iberian Peninsula.
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